• to start

1 / I can not find the answer to my question here, contact info/@/tahitistockfootage.com
2 / Do you have to pay to access the service? No service is free, opening a member access is free. You only pay when you buy licensed images.
3 / why register?
Registered members can purchase credits or subscriptions enabling them to acquire the rights of the selected images based on usage, territory and duration.
Members can obtain discounts based on purchase volume.
Members have access to their profile page which they can fill out to represent their Society.

  • Manage your account

Password forgotten: click on 'password forgotten' and enter your email address which was initially used during your registration, an email will be sent to you, and you will be able to reset your password.

  • Find the right image

1 / How to test the video clip before buying?
You can download the free clip or preview photo which allows you to check that the clip is suitable for your project. This clip is watermarked, ie it contains the log of the site, and can only serve as a test, but in no case can be integrated into a final project.
2 / How to check whether an image contains an assignment of image or property?
For the buyer, the transfer of right of images or property is provided by the author who has downloaded the image on the site. There may be cases where the assignment of rights is not available if the author has not downloaded it with the image, or does not have one. In the event that the assignment of image or property rights is essential and is not provided, send an email to mail @ mail, we will then contact your author to request the document.
For the author, although attaching an assignment of image or property right is not mandatory when downloading for sale, it is strongly advised the author to do so in order to protect himself against any possible lawsuit .
3 / how to find image information?
The image information is contained on the page of the preset image. You have access to description information, as well as technical information, image format, aspect, duration, license, frames per second, codec, container, file size, bitrate
4 / Where to find free images?
You can find free images to download in the menu on the catalog page, or in the banner at the bottom of the page.
5 / what is the currency used?
All rates are displayed and payable in Euros. Any other currency displayed would be for informational purposes only.

  • How do I put a picture in 'my lightbox'?

You can select a picture in your favorites by clicking on the icon (plus +).
A confirmation of addition appears at the top of the page.
To view your favorites, click on + in the menu bar at the top of the page, the page of your favorites will open and will display your selections.

  • Order and pay

1 / What are the methods of payment?
The method of payment will be by bank transfer. We are working to add another secure credit card payment solution soon. Contact us after validation of your order to obtain the information necessary for your payment.
2 / I lost my receipt, how to get another?
All your payment receipts are stored in your account / purchase history.
3 / Can we pay with Credit Card on tahitistockfootage?
For reasons beyond our control, it is currently not possible to pay for your purchases by credit card. But we are working to add another secure credit card payment solution soon.
4 / Is it possible to pay by bank transfer?
Yes, we accept payment by bank transfer. During your ordering, check the box "Bank tranfer", and contact us for details.
5 / How to show the name of the Company on the invoice?
If you buy on behalf of your Company, click on your account, and in the settings of your profile, edit, enter the name of your company in the billing information.
6 / How to buy images?
Buying images on tahitistockfootage & photos is simple and easy. After selecting the image, and selecting the license, click on "add to cart", a notification appears at the top of the page.
You can either continue shopping or check out your shopping cart.
You can review the details of your selected images, and remove them from the selection if you wish.
Apply a discount code: If you have a discount code, you can apply it in this step.
During the purchase process, you must verify and complete the fields necessary for the invoice, and accept the general conditions of sale by ticking the box provided.
Pay by Bank Transfer.
Paying by bank transfer is the most appropriate method for big amount. Contact us for more details.
After payment validated, you will be redirected to the download page again. Your receipt will be available recalling the details of the images, the corresponding licenses subscribed, the amount of purchase, and the GTC.
7/ Is is possible to purchase video per second?
Yes, if you order at least 1 minute minimum of total of several footage, we can apply a "per second rate" calculated on the license use. Proceed to your order with all the footage you need, choose the payment by bank transfer, and contact us and inform each timecode of each video, so we shall be able to do a ProForma.

  • How to use a discount coupon?

When making your purchase, insert the coupon code in the field provided. The reduction will apply automatically, whether it is a fixed discount, or a percentage discount on your shopping cart, calculated on the price excluding tax.

  • What is the refund policy?

According to the french law, and the digital products downloadable, no refund is provided, unless it is proved that the file is defective during download, or that the download is made impossible.
In case the refund is applicable, please contact us at info /@/ tahitistockfootage.com, with the purchase references, and please explain the problem encountered.
Prior to your purchase, we strongly recommend that you download the preview file to verify that the image or video clip is suitable for your project.

  • What are the taxes associated with different payment methods?

Tahitistockfootage & Photos applies legal AVT fees only if you are  a French Polynesia resident. No additional fees on paiement methods will be apply.



  • What is the limit for downloading a purchased file?

You can download your file in a limit of three times after purchase. If for one reason for another you need more, please contact us at info/@/tahitistockfootage.com.

  • Should I credit the author in my production?

Yes, you must bring the mention 'Stock of additional images by' name of the author '/ Tahiti Stock Footage & Photos' to your credits or generic, if not simply' Stock of additional images provided by Tahiti Stock Footage & Photos ".

  • Is it possible to make changes to the images purchased?

Unless otherwise stated by the author, you may make changes to any image depending on the needs of your production.

  • Is it possible to share the pictures with my co-workers?

Yes, but the use of the images is limited to the subscribed license. As a base, an image can be used on a single project for managed rights licenses.

  • Is it possible to use an image in several projects?

The use of an image is limited to the subscribed license. If the license does not allow it, you must then take out a new license for a new project, or pay an extension of your license (to extend the duration for example) on the same project.

  • Download images purchased under license.

After payment accepted, you will receive a confirmation email, and the download links appear in your account, your downloads. Click "Download" to get your images.

  • The download fails.

You have three attempts to download each file. If your download fails, check the connection with your service provider.

  • The video file does not play.

All video files are compatible with most editing software.
High-definition video files can request the computer resource. Make sure your software is able to play large video files.
As an alternative, you can use third-party software to reduce the size and / or format of the video file to make it compatible with your editing software.
Sometimes it may happen that the file is 'corrupted' when downloading if there was an interruption during the download process. Please check that the size of the downloaded file corresponds to the size of the same file on the page of the image.
Make sure you have the latest version of your software, and / or the latest version of Quiktime Player.
If the problem persists, please contact us at mail @ mail indicating the problem encountered, and the reference of the order and the file reference.

  • Why is there a filigree logo on the images?

If the Tahiti Stock Footage & Photos logo appears, you have downloaded the preview version. You must purchase an operating license to obtain the file without watermark.
We remind you that the preview file (low definition) can only serve to verify that the image is suitable for your work project. You can not use the preview file on a final project ready to serve.



All photos, previews and most video files can be downloaded from the site.


  • VIDEO :

Downloading H264 watermarked video previews is possible, free of charge, to be able to test video clips on your project internally only.


Downloading low-definition and watermarked photo previews is possible, free of charge, to test and select photos for your project internally only.
Click on 'download a sample' to get the preview.


Order a video clip is easy, follow the steps below, set the price according to the license, add to your cart, proceed to payment and download.

2.1 Setting the price
2.1.1. Rights-managed licensing
When you have chosen a licensed image of rights managed, click on 'calculate price', a pop-up menu appears on the screen, select the conditions according to your project, use, duration, territory. The price is displayed. Validate to add the image to your cart.

2.1.2. Licensing
When you choose a royalty-free image, select:
For photos, size of photo S, M, L, XL
For videos, the royalty-free license category
Validate to add the image to your cart.

2.1.3. Extended Rights Licenses
When you choose a licensed image of extended rights, select the file. Validate to add the image to your cart.

2.2. Download
When you have chosen all your images, set up licenses and rates, added all to your cart, place your order.

You are invited to verify your personal information, as well as the information concerning your production (title and description) and to accept the General Conditions of Sale.
Then set the payment method by Bank Transfer. Then contact us after validation of your order to obtain the information necessary for your payment. Proceed with your payment.
After reception of your payment, a confirmation email will be sent to you along with your invoice.
Back to your account on the site, you will find your download links in 'Orders'.

Uploading large files, such as video files, may take some time, so make sure your connection is not interrupted.

You have 3 "chances" to download within six months of the purchase.

We are working to add another secure credit card payment solution soon.


3.1. The principle
Each image is protected by copyright according to the french regulation.
The Site allows authors to sell licenses to exploit their images. Customers purchasing a license are permitted to use the image based on a number of criteria, including the use of the image, method of distribution, duration of operation, geographic extent.
The image thus remains the intellectual property of its author.
The authors use the services of Tahiti Stock Footage & Photos in this process.

3.2. The various licenses
Tahiti Stock Footage & Photos presents images under rights-managed license, that is, an image can only be included in a project, according to defined criteria, use, distribution, geographical extent and the duration.
A royalty-free license allows the licensee to use an image in several editorial or institutional or educational projects at no additional cost.
The so-called extended license allows the licensee to use an image many times in all types of projects, even commercial and advertising.

3.3. The previews
Clips or watermark preview photos can be downloaded free of charge for in-house test use on your editing software to verify that the image is right for your project and your client.

3.4. License fees
The price depends on the criteria of use of the images, the distribution, the duration and geographical extent, the rarity of the images, and their format. The price is given using a calculator. See the 'Calculate Price' section.

3.5. Personal and educational projects
All images available on the site require an operating license. Our royalty-free licenses start at 7euros, the licenses of rights managed for the web start at 100 euros.


4.1. The principle
All images are licensed under right managed license and allows one use in a single project, for distribution, geographical area, and duration.
The simplified rights managed license of an image allows one use in single editorial, or institutional or educational projects, except commercial and advertising.
The extended rights license allows one use of an image, in single project including commercial and advertising.
Rights managed licenses are recognized by RM (Rights Managed).

4.2. Rights Managed Rights
The price of the license of rights managed is determined by the conditions of your production (use, Distribution, geographic extent, duration), but also by the duration of the video clip (video) per 20 seconds, its format (size or camera format), its rarity.
Video files can be downloaded in their entirety.
Hard drive delivery costs, technical costs, are calculated separately.

4.3. Tariff of Simplified rights managed license
Tahiti Stock Footage & Photos offers Simplified rights managed license for educational, institutional or editorial projects, except commercial non-advertising; As well as extended rights licenses for all types of projects, including commercial and advertising.

The license covers the rights for onel use, in single project, for the world, for an unlimited duration, for all media.
The files are downloadable in their entirety. The resolution can be either compressed or uncompressed.

4.4. The price calculator
Click on 'Calculate Price' to see the price of the license for a licensed image of rights managed. A pop-up menu appears on the screen, choose the conditions of use, distribution, duration, geographic scope, depending on your production. The price is displayed at the bottom of the window. Validate to put the image in your cart.

4.5. Discount
Time to time discount could be applied.

Contact us to get a discount as 'best customer', when you buy a lot of pictures.

Non-profit organizations, contact us to tell us about your production project.


5.1. Tahiti Stock Footage & Photos allows you to search easily using the search bar, and typing in a keyword.

5.2. Search by keywords
It is the easiest way to find the set of images corresponding to your request. Type the keywords in the search bar on the home page or at the top of the page, then validate. A catalog page with all the images corresponding to the keyword you entered is shown.
You can enter multiple keywords, separated by a comma.

5.3. Search in the results page
A search menu allows you to deepen the search by selecting or deselecting 'photos / videos', 'rights-managed / royalty-free' licenses, 'wide angle, medium shot, close up, macro' Video, photo formats and dominant color, categories, lightboxes.

5.4. Downloading previews
Downloading previews with watermark, in low definition, in H264, .mp4 format, will allow you to make the right choice of images, and test them internally in your project on your editing software.

Previews can not be used in any project for public viewing.

Download a preview by clicking "Download a sample" or click on the icon.

To order images, choose the license, then validate to put in your basket.


6.1. Information
6.1.1. The title
6.1.2. The description
6.1.3. The category
Specifies the category (s) in which the image is classified.
6.1.4. Keywords
List of keywords matching the image.
6.1.5. File details Video clip duration Resolution
Indication of video clip resolution, HD or 4K Rendering of fields
Interlaced, or progressive Images per second Copyright holder
Name of the author. Credit
This is the name to be entered in your project, as stipulated in the general conditions of sale. Model release, Property release
The author of the image indicates whether an assignment of image rights of a person or an assignment of ownership (of a mark or immovable or other) has been drafted. It is up to the end user of the image to verify that all necessary permissions have been obtained. If you believe that an authorization (assignment of image or property) is necessary for your project, but it seems that there is no document, please contact us, we will verify with the author .

6.1.6. The file to download

6.2. Similar items
These are images that match the same search criteria, with similar keywords.

6.3. Share
The function allows you to share the page via social media.

6.4. The author
Displays the page of the author of the image.

6.5. Price calculation
If the image is licensed under Managed Rights, click on 'Price calculation', a 'pop up' window is displayed, choose from the drop-down menu the conditions of use, duration, and geographic scope. The price is displayed automatically, click on "add to cart" to validate your choice.
If the image is licensed free of rights or extended rights, the price is fixed for each condition of use.

6.6. Licence
The type of license under which the image is distributed, rights-licensed or royalty-free license and extended rights license is specified here.
Click "License" to read the license terms.


7.1. Principle
The shopping cart is used to list all the images you have chosen, which are suitable for your project, before the final purchase of the licenses. From the Shopping Cart, you can delete an image that is inappropriate, or return to the image page and modify the license.

7.2. Go to Shopping Cart
You must be registered as a Customer on the site, to use the function.
Click on the 'shopping cart' icon at the top of the site page. Your shopping cart page would display with all the images you selected.

7.3. Cart
List of your selected images, including a preview image, its title and ID number, the rights under which the images are distributed, price, quantity, and an icon to be able to remove the image from the selection.

7.4. Finish, or Clear Shopping Cart
Click "Finish" to continue the purchase process, or "Clear Shopping Cart" to delete the entire shopping cart.

When you click "Finish", you will be redirected to the registration page if you are not yet registered as a Customer and then to the Customer Information page, including your contact information.
Please accept the general conditions of sale and continue by defining the method of payment, bank transfer (contact us by email for more details). Proceed with your payment.


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